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Rev. Leslie & Margaret Buckner Evangelistic Ministries
children      While Rev. Buckner was still young in the ministry God spoke to him about an Evangelistic Ministry. This ministry has opened doors for many to hear the Gospel of Christ by the holding of revival services. This type of ministry could be considered a type of Home Mission Evangelistic Ministry.

    Brother and Sister Buckner believe that America desperately needs a revival in these last days. If there was ever a time that our country needs revival it is now and it must come from true Ministers of God, that will bring that type of moving of the Spirit back to the church. This is especially needful in the smaller, struggling and suffering churches in our country. This need is just as important as the need for Foreign Missions works.

    When Brother and Sister Buckner go into a community, a Church or an open air meeting, you can rest assured the people will receive the Spiritual touch, healing, revival and the fullness the Word of God brings.

    Brother and Sister Buckner have many years of active ministry and working for the Lord.  They willingly offer these years of experience to the people who shall receive it.

    Also, Brother Buckner has several books available that have been produced and published from the many messages that he has preached over the years.

    If you would like further information about scheduling a revival or order CD'S or Books you can contact Brother and Sister Buckner at the Bible Way Association office at 573-996-7317. Or you can write to them at:

                                                                    Rev. Leslie & Margaret Buckner Evangelistic Ministries,
                                                                    101 S. Green St,
                                                                    Doniphan MO 63935.
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