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~ Books By Rev. Leslie Buckner ~
Resolving Problems the Bible Way   Using God's Word to resolve the problems in our life. 
Repairing the Breach & Restoring the Paths   A Biblical study of how a breach is formed, who causes a breach, repairing that breach and restoring the godly paths we are to walk in
Flood of Righteousness  Based on three God given visions for our times
God's Plan For Marriage & the Family Biblical guidelines for married life and family management.
Maturity In Christ  A Biblical study of growing and maturing in our  walk with the Lord. 
Life Preservers  Instruction on the importance of being the godly instrument to help preserve life. 
The Three Commitments   Explores the three commitments Chrisians need to make and maintain as they mature in their Christian walk.  
The Soul, A Connector Between Flesh & Spirit   Explores the role the soul plays in getting the flesh in line with the spirit. 
You Are Chosen In The Furnace Of Affliction   Biblical study of testing and trials but remebering that victory is promised to us.  
The Bee Theory Biblical study of being a worker for the Lord.  

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