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~ Adult Bible Study  (pg 1) (pg2) ~
Flood of Righteousness   Based on three God given visions for our times, and applying them to our walk with Christ. 
Resolving Problems the Bible Way   A Biblical study of resolving problems that we face daily the Bibe Way.  
The Seven Building Blocks to Your Personal Faith  Biblical study of the fundamental building blocks
a Christian needs to have a firm foundation in
thier walk.
The Holy Ghost & The Early Church Biblical study of the Holy Ghost and impact He
played in the early church.
Faith & The Unseen  A Biblical study of faith and the role it plays in our Christian walk. 
Prayer  Instruction on the importance of prayer and
the need of prayer in our life. 
Maturity In Christ   Biblical study of mature men in Bible times and how they are examples for us today, to help us mature in the Lord.  
Apostles' Doctrine: The Reason the Early Church Grew   Biblical study of the early church and why
and how it grew. 
Healing The Wounded   Biblical study of the types of wounds people expierence and the importance of allowing wounds to heal so we can work for the Lord.  
Trees of Righteousness Biblical study comparing our Christian walk to trees, the planting of the seed to bearing of the fruit for example.  

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